Ubisoft - Far Cry 6

Level Designer (Missions)

•    Designed and iterated on virtual spaces for a first-person game from initial concept through to final design

•    Collaborated with programmers, artists and designers of various specializations to create cohesive and engaging virtual experiences

•    Scripted and implemented environmental challenges and AI encounters with proprietary visual scripting software

•    Ensured design cohesion while taking into account AI budgets, art constraints and technical requirements

Sept. 2018 - Present



 - 5 Months (Jan - May 2017)

Riverbond is a frantic hack and slash adventure game for PC and PS4 inspired by classics like Legend of Zelda and Castle Crashers where players take control of a hero who must help restore the structure of the world in order to pass into the afterlife.

During my time at Cococucumber I contributed primarily towards the game's level design and was responsible for designing maps for the game's main campaign mode, both for singleplayer and multiplayer experiences. This included conceptualization, designing on paper and through to final implementation.

Riverbond won "Best In Play" at GDC 2017 where it was featured at the Media Indie Exchange, previewed at E3 2017 for Microsoft's ID@XBox campaign and Exhibited at Unity's GDC 2018 booth.


Jr. Level Designer


Dragon of Legends

 - 4 Months (June - Sept 2016)

Dragon of Legends is a mobile MMORPG inspired by Norse mythology developed by Thrive Games where the player takes the role of a hero destined to save their home realm of Midguard. It was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter and reached its goal of $25,000 to help fund its development.


I was hired mid-way through development of Dragon of Legends to aid its team in designing many aspects of the game. This included (but was not exclusive to)  designing main quests and sidequests of the game as well as aiding in the creation of tools to help expedite the development process.


I learned a lot from my time with Thrive, such as how vital proper organization, documentation and formatting is to creating a fluid development process, and how to communicate and cooperate with other members of the development team.



Jr. Level Designer


"HEAD RUSH" is an arcade time trial game and our team's capstone project at Sheridan College, where our team dedicated our year to a full production cycle and ending it with a shipped game.

I was involved primarily in the game/level design of the project, tasked with designing levels with incremental difficulties and themed appropriately. I also learned a number of valuable production management and conflict resolution skills in the process.

Capstone Project - 8 Months (Sept. 2017 - May 2018)



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