San Francisc-Roll is a multiplayer rhythm game developed in 48 hours by our team of four for Chillennium Game Jam 2017, the world's largest student organized game jam. Players must make it to the top of the hill before their opponents by completing a series of button prompts which increase in speed as they progress.

San Francisc-Roll won the "Recognition in Art" award against 300 capable competitors.

Chillennium Game Jam (October 2017)

San Francisc-Roll

"Who Killed My Uncle?" is a short experimental "administration sim" game developed by myself in just under four days where the player takes the role of a censor who must watch over the correspondence of a brother and sister during WWII. The project was inspired by my Great Uncle Sidney, a Welsh miner who died fighting in the Spanish Civil War

Working on "Who Killed My Uncle?" taught me some important lessons about development, such as the importance of historical research and how to make tough design decisions for an audience.


"Who Killed My Uncle?"

Independent - 1 Week (October 2017)

Additional Independent Work can be found on my personal itch.io page!